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Sanofi- Aventis S.A (from now on Sanofi, Sanofi España or we) is compromised with privacy. The current Privacy Policy describes the way in which we collect, use and process your information and/or your personal data and what measures we are applying in order to protect them. Sanofi is committed not to collect information that is not necessary for the intended purpose. This Privacy Policy has been designed in order that could be applied to all the EU residents and therefore its contents has been created to comply with all the applicable EU regulations and laws in force –specially with regards to personal data protection- . When you use our website, you agree that you have read and accepted this policy of Privacy, Cookies and our Legal Advise/Terms of use. This Privacy Policy is not intended to be applied outside the EU as the Website is not addressed to other territories outside EU.

1. When we collect personal data?
Most of the data that we collect, very and process are related to professional information about physicians, pharmacists and other health professionals:
  • In those cases in which you have voluntarily provided, in your interactions with Sanofi, its representatives or collaborators or in your interactions with us through our websites or applications. Sanofi collects personal data and other data that you could provide us when you fill application forms or data fields in our Websites. This information can include, but it is not limited to, contact information, date of birth, credentials, activities, skills, professional preferences, hobbies and interests; In all these cases, when you provide us with your registration data, you warrant the authenticity, truthfulness and update of such data (from now on: data authenticity). Otherwise, you will be responsible for any damage or losses that can be caused to Sanofi or to any Third Party due to lack of this data authenticity.
  • Information collected from your computer or from other electronic devices. Sanofi collects information about your computer or other electronic devices when you visit our Websites and when you use our online resources. This information can include your Internet Protocol address (IP), domain name, type of browser, day and hour of your request and the information provided by the tracking technologies, such as cookies or single-pixel tags in order to conduct statistics analysis and customize the content of our online resources. If you use a mobile device in order to access our Websites and online resources, we can also collect information about your device, for example the identifier and type of device, as well as information about the use of your device and the use of our mobile Websites and other mobile resources. For more information please check our Cookies Policy.
  • Information from public sources or from Sanofi third-party suppliers. Sanofi can collect personal data, related to healthcare professionals who register in our Websites, from public sources or third-party services providers who supplies information to the Pharma industry about healthcare professionals, including data related to specificities of your position (such as: speciality, workplace), transfers of value –if applicable-, and data related to marketing preferences.
  • 2. Which are the purposes of Sanofi and the lawfulness of processing that enables Sanofi to collect personal data?
    In general, Sanofi could process personal data for the following purposes:
    i) To provide you with the information that you have requested us or to manage a query that you have requested us through the contact form;
    ii) To provide you with the services or subscriptions that you have requested (new-letters delivery, electronic commercial communications or news-letters);
    iii) In the framework of medical-scientific and professional activities of Sanofi with healthcare professionals: actions or interactions of Sanofi (or its employees or representatives) with healthcare professionals, their attendance to training courses, meetings or conferences, or to respond the requests of medical-scientific information and promotion of the latter and products of Sanofi);
    iv) Compliance, maintenance, development and control of the contractual relationship (or pre-contractual relationship ) of which you are a party;
    v) Quantitative and qualitative study of the visits to the Websites;
    vi) To ensure compliance with laws and regulations specifically applicable to the Pharma Industry (i.e. in order to comply with the transparency obligations of the Pharma industry in some countries or to comply with the communication of side effects or other obligations related to clinical research);
    vii) Deployment of market researches and public and/or private research, aimed to improve the medical care as well as to improve the efficiency in the healthcare costs;
    Sanofi can ground the lawfulness of processing personal data in:
  • Contractual necessity: we will process your personal data when it is necessary in order to maintain the commercial-contractual relationship that we can acquire with you;
  • Legitimate interests: we will process your personal data when this is necessary for Sanofi in order that the latter can comply with its legitimate commercial interests, and more specifically:
  • · With the deployment of our professional and medical-scientific activities with healthcare professionals, analyses of their interests (including profiling and segmentation) as well as the promotion of our products, contributing to the right of the scientific community to be fully informed of the medical and scientific development;
    · With the aim to preserve the vigilance, administration and protection of our services, contents and Websites; to customize the Websites or services, and in order to let you participate in the interactives elements of the Websites (i.e. our online courses);
    · Recruitment and assessment of the aptitude of healthcare professionals with regards to their participation or aimed to contract them as experts or professional leaders in specific therapeutics areas or clinical trials, clinical studies, etc.;
  • Legal Compliance: we will process your personal data when it is necessary to comply with our obligations according to the applicable legislation and with the specific regulation applicable to the Pharma Industry (i.e.: communication of side effects related to a product, or communications related to the transparency and publication of transfers of value in the framework of the interactions with healthcare professionals -if applicable- );
  • Consent: we will process your personal data as long as you has given Sanofi consent:
  • · To deliver you customize information through electronic means (i.e. email), news and initiatives related to your clinical field or other fields in which you can be interested, products, initiatives, as well as information and news related to Sanofi as a corporation;
    · To include you as a participant in surveys, online services;
    · To include you as a participant in market researches, clinical researches;
    · To Process data related to health matters that you have provide us according to the services that we are providing or according to your participation in clinical and biomedical research;
    We will process your personal data as long as you has given your consent to Sanofi though Third party providers (IQVIA)
    3. How long we will maintain your data?

    We will maintain your personal data during the period which will be necessary in order to comply with the purposes for which they were collected, as it has been detailed in the current Privacy Policy, as well as to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations and those specifically applicable to the Pharma industry, according to the periods stated in the applicable regulation and Code of Conduct to which we are adhered. Once the purpose has been achieved or your consent has been withdrawn, your data, properly blocked will be kept in order to comply with our legal obligations during the period in which liabilities arising out of the processing of such data can be claimed, up to 5 years as a maximum. Once the period in which the abovementioned liabilities can be claimed has terminated, your data will be destroyed.

    4. To whom will your data be communicated?

    Sanofi will not sell, hire, share, deliver or offer your data to third parties, unless it have to be done due to legal or regulatory constraints. Notwithstanding the above, depending on the purposes for which your data has been collected, the following parties could have access your data:

  • Authorised personnel of Sanofi or its representatives/collaborators when act on behalf of Sanofi under the data protection laws that may result applicable;
  • Regulatory Authorities or other third parties when the applicable law requires it;
  • Specific entities included in Sanofi Group as well as third parties when it would be necessary in order to fulfil our legitimate interest. In this case, it could be necessary to communicate your data to other entities of the Sanofi Group in order to fulfil our commercial legitimate interests, and to third parties that provide Sanofi support services and that process information as data processors on behalf of Sanofi (such as financial entities, entities related to antifraud, providers of technologic services, travel agencies, entities providing customer services and /or analysing transactions conducted through the Website in order to offer the users enough warranties in the commercial operations);
  • Due to the fact that Sanofi is a company that operates worldwide, we can process personal data in databases that are located abroad of the European Economic Area. In this case, any international transfer of data will be conducted according with the applicable data protection regulations, with the standard contractual clauses approved by the Data Protection Agency and the European Commission. Likewise, Sanofi applies the binding Corporate Rules, approved by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), that is also applicable with regards to the transfer of data between the entities of the Sanofi Group.
  • 5. How we protect your personal data? Our Security Measures

    Sanofi has implemented technical and organizational measures which are necessary to avoid any loss, inappropriate use, alteration, non-authorized access or theft of personal data that Sanofi is processing in its database and according to the type of data that it is processing. We apply the security measures which are detailed in the Spanish Data Protection law and regulation. We can use encode, encrypt or psuedonymised methods in order to guarantee the privacy and integrity of the personal data. In any case, we will apply these security measures along with corresponding confidentiality measures, as well as other ethical , technical and organizational measures when we process health data. It is your own responsibility to safeguard your passwords and codes that permit the access to our websites, mobile devices and online resources.

    6. Which are your rights as a data subject?

    You have the right to obtain, according with the data protection regulation applicable, the right of access, rectification, data portability, erasure, restriction of processing and object with regards to your personal data. In this case, you should send a written communication to Sanofi-aventis, S.A., C/ Josep Pla nº 2, planta 4ª, Edificio Torre Diagonal Mar, 08019 Barcelona or by send an email to the following address:, in which you will have to attach, in both cases, a copy of you ID, passport or any other valid document that identifies you and you should refer to the specific website according to the provisions of the applicable data protection regulation. Moreover, in those case in which Sanofi España has request you to consent in order to process your personal data, you have the right to withdraw such consent following the abovementioed procedure. Likewise, if you consider that we have not resolve your petition related to the exercise of your rights in a proper way, you could submit a complaint before the Spanish Data Protection Agency in the following address:;jsessionid=C4CC845AA622D0788AACFDAF34313962

    7. In case of doubt, please contact us:

    We will be happy to give you a proper response to any of your queries about the way in which we process your personal data. If you have any concern, doubt or comment with regards to how we process your personal data you can contact us in the following address:

    8. Links

    In our websites you could find links to third parties‘ websites. In these cases, we cannot be liable for the privacy policies that these third parties apply to the personal data that the collect from you. We strongly recommend you that you read carefully the privay policy of such websites.

    9. Cookies

    In our Website we use our own cookies and cookies of third parties in order to improve our services and to give you a better experience. You can access the complete information in our Cookies policy.

    10. Validity and modification of the current Privacy Policy

    We use your personal information according with the Privacy policy in force when we collect your data. Sanofi can modify this Privacy Policy at any time in the event that regulation, case law or our corporate criteria change. If we introduce any change in this policy, the new wording will be issued in this address so we will recommend you that you visit it every time you access to this website. This Policy Privacy has been updated as of May 17th 2018.